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2016-10-09 Amanda Robertson
Good evening! I am writing on behalf of Crocker Farm Elementary in Amherst, to see if you are interesting in helping with our PGO (Parent Guardian Organization) fundraiser on election day. Crocker Farm is one of the Amherst town voting locations. Every November election day, we hold our largest fundraiser: a bake sale. We set up our tables at both Crocker Farm and at the Munson Library in South Amherst, which is another voting location within the district. This year, being a critical presidential election, we anticipate a large voter turnout. What hope to do this year, is add food trucks to the voting locations. I understand that parking regulations in Amherst are limited, and this is an opportunity for you to park your truck either at Crocker Farm or by the Munson library, where people will be looking for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and perhaps even meals to take home. In exchange, we propose a donation from you to the PGO, a 5%-10% percentage of your sales. This donation will be tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law, as Crocker Farm is a non-profit. As you may know, public education is severely underfunded, and ALL funds raised by the PGO go directly to the school to help wherever lacking, for example, books and snacks for children in need, school and curriculum supplies for the classrooms, and much more. Please let me know if you are interested, as I would love to explain and work out further details, how we came up with this idea, and provide you with some paperwork. Take care, Amanda Robertson, parent volunteer 413-539-8857
2016-07-06 Cris
Your menu has a typo - says "weely" instead of "weekly." Other wise your menu looks AWESOME!
2016-06-20 holly lurgio
Hi guys! Just wondering if you have any fridays free this summer. We are hosting movie nights at Northampton Airport. Just thought that may be a good fit. We'd love to have you back!
2016-06-17 Amherst Pediatrics, LLP
Staff Appreciation Picnic - Would you be willing to bring your truck to our office for 15-18 people?
2016-05-11 Jody
Want to give friends a gift certificate. Do you have those?
2016-05-02 Lisa Taylor
Love your food! ??Wish have it everyday! See you guys tmw! I would like pull pork and tofu taco tmw! :)
2016-04-28 Scott
Are you open this weekend anywhere (4/29 through 5/1)?
2016-04-26 Jenn McDonald
We have opening day for Northampton Baseball at Ryan Road School on Saturday and Sunday (12 -2ish). Are you available?
2016-02-29 Lindsey Bubar
Hi! Do guys do special events, like outdoor Jack & Jill's? If so how would pricing work? Thanks! you can reply to me at
Bistro Bus
Betsy and Jimmy Tarr
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About Us Image 1After 25 years of catering in the Pioneer valley, we expanded our horizons and put our food truck, The Bistro Bus, on the road last year. We utilized our years of experience and got in on the ground floor of this great new food trend. We literally "took it to the streets". Look for our sunburst covered Bistro Bus up and down the Valley, from Springfield to Greenfield, About Us Image 2on the streets or at the many events we will be part of this year. We are excited to share our culinary expertise in a new and unique way. We look forward to seeing you and serving you some delicious new menu options. When you are planning your next event, let the Bistro Bus make your function something special that you and your guests will remember. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the Bistro Bus. Bon Appetit!
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Bistro Bus
Betsy and Jimmy Tarr
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